Chapter 3 is out & now supports MAC & Android!

Happy Halloween!

Chapter 3 is now out with new hottie below ~ The engine has finally been changed to Renpy and now supports  Android, MAC and PC for current and future chapters. 

If you are interested, for the price of a cup of coffee, get a free erotic visual novel each month ~ Cheers

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could you please post full versions on here please 

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There may be plans to release full versions here in the future

Currently Patreon is the only way to get it cheap and early. 

thank you for your reply do you know when it might become available on here

I don't see the pc download for chapter 3

All chapters & complete versions are available on my patreon page.

Only TOYG Chapter 2 & Hard Out Chapter 1 demo are available for download on itch io right now. 

Another demo may be coming out soon